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August 8, 1974 SOUTH 48 - NORTH 36
July 31, 1975 NORTH 22 - SOUTH 21
August 4, 1977 SOUTH 27 - NORTH 14
August 10, 1978 SOUTH 25 - NORTH 22
August 7, 1979 NORTH 13 - SOUTH 10
August 5, 1980 NORTH 21 - SOUTH 0
August 4, 1981 SOUTH 5 - NORTH 0
August 3, 1982 NORTH 24 - SOUTH 6
July 29, 1983 SOUTH 10 - NORTH 7
July 26, 1984 SOUTH 17 - NORTH 3
July 25, 1985 SOUTH 36 - NORTH 21
July 24, 1986 SOUTH 13 - NORTH 7
July 23, 1987 SOUTH 14 - NORTH 14
July 28, 1988 SOUTH 0 - NORTH ;0
July 22, 1989 SOUTH 22 - NORTH 6
July 20, 1990 SOUTH 43 - NORTH 3
July 19, 1991 NORTH 27 - SOUTH 22
July 24, 1992 NORTH 10 - SOUTH 7
July 16, 1993 NORTH 36 - SOUTH 6
July 29, 1994 NORTH 26 - SOUTH 9
July 14, 1995 NORTH 21- SOUTH 0
July 26, 1996 SOUTH 28 - NORTH 14
July 23, 1997 NORTH 27 - SOUTH 0
July 22, 1998 NORTH 9 - SOUTH 7
July 23, 1999 SOUTH 20 - NORTH 3
July 26, 2000 SOUTH 16 - NORTH 8
July 25, 2001 NORTH 24 - SOUTH 17
July 24, 2002 SOUTH 19 - NORTH 15
July 23, 2003 SOUTH 27 - NORTH 25
July 21, 2004 SOUTH 20 - NORTH 15
July 20, 2005 SOUTH 18 - NORTH 16
July 19, 2006 NORTH 7 - SOUTH 3
July 18, 2007 NORTH 24 - SOUTH 21
July 23, 2008 NORTH 21 - SOUTH 19
July 24, 2009 NORTH 28 - SOUTH 28
July 21, 2010 SOUTH 27 - NORTH 24
July 20, 2011 SOUTH 24 - NORTH 13
July 18, 2012 SOUTH 26 - NORTH 21
July 17, 2013 NORTH 17 - SOUTH 6
July 23, 2014 NORTH 37 - SOUTH 3
Aug 01, 2015 SOUTH 14 - NORTH 6
July 16, 2016 SOUTH 23 - NORTH 20
June 24, 2017 SOUTH 13 - NORTH 13
July 18, 2018 SOUTH 17 - NORTH 7

(4 Ties)
** No Game in 1976 **


By Dick Sparrer

Luke Morin didn't run into the likes of Bellarmine's Curt Calomeni and Anthony Guttadauro during the 2014 football season.

After all, Morin played for Branham in the West Valley Division of the Blossom Valley Athletic League, and while the senior quarterback led Branham to a league championship and a 10-1 overall record, the Bruins were still playing in the "C" division and didn't play "Open" teams like the Bells during the regular season.

He did in the summer of 2015, though. And it turns out that the kid from the "C" division did alright for himself.

Morin scored the only offensive touchdowsn of the evening in the South's 14-6 victory over the North in the 2015 Charlie Wedemeyer High School All-Star Football Game played on the professional turf at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. And while he may have had some tough run-ins with both Calomeni and Guttadauro - as well as Tevita Musika of Milpitas and Soni Tueleila of Wilcox - on one play it was Morin who was the tough one.

Morin took a quarterback keeper up the middle for a 6-yard touchdown run early in the second quarter to give the South a lead it would never relinquish.

"Yeah, it was a quarterback keeper," he said of the TD dash that came with 9:54 left in the first half. "It was open - I had only one guy to beat. We had good blocking up front." Good blocking, yes - but also some impressive work by the West Valley Division's 2014 Most Valuable Player.

Looking very much like a player with something to prove, Morin beat the "one guy" at about the 3-yard line, then carried another would-be tackler into the end zone to score the touchdown.

Turns out, it was less about proving anything, and more like a desire to win.

"As much as you want to win, you want to go out there and have fun, too," he said. "Both are important."

He'd get no argument on that score from Los Gatos quarterback Dru Brown, whose 11-yard run and pass completions to Jack Tuatoo (Del Mar) and Kevin Cance (Leland) helped the South drive to the North 6.

"It definitely meant something to win," said Brown. "It was fun, but we're all competitive people, so it felt good to win."

No doubt that desire was instilled in the South players by their head coach, Eric Perry of Pioneer, who played for a South team that won the all-star game 43-3 in 1990.

"I think [winning is] real important to the kids," said Perry. "I remember it was to us. It just adds to the experience."

Mark DeRobertis had a dream.

Back when he was just a freshman at Westmont High School, DeRobertis hoped to one day play in the Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star Football Game, just as his idol, Alex Kamara, did in the summer of 2011.

This year that dream came true, and it culminated with a performance that DeRobertis couldn't have imagined even in his wildest expectations.

The speedy running back carried the football eight times for 50 yards, including an explosive 31-yard touchdown run, to help the North to a lopsided 37-3 victory over the South in the 40th annual Silicon Valley Youth Classic played July 23 at San Jose City College.

"It's crazy, because ever since my freshman year it's always been my dream to play in this game," said DeRobertis. "I just kept working every year to try to get better."

"When I started playing I really looked up to Alex Kamara and wanted to be just like him," he said of the 2011 all-star from Westmont, "so I kept working so one day I would be. I hope now that I'm someone else's inspiration."

DeRobertis certainly was inspiring on his first few carries. After his 10-yard run gave the North a first down deep in enemy territory, he took off on a 31-yard dash through the heart of the South defense. Interestingly, it was a crushing block by pulling guard Jared Lynch, his 6-foot-1, 265-pound Westmont teammate, that would spring DeRobertis for the TD run.

The score came less than two min- utes after Keenan Smith (Santa Clara) had taken one in from nine yards out, and dead-eye place-kicker Luke Vereschagin (The King's Academy) followed each touchdown with the extra point.

For Vereschagin, it was a big night. The King's kicker popped four extra points through the posts and also drilled three field goals (of 20, 35 and 37 yards) that helped secure the big win. In addition, he got in on a couple of tackles and drilled six of eight kickoffs into the end zone.

"I was really happy with the way I played tonight," said Vereschagin moments after the game. "It was a great team effort and I'm really happy with the outcome. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life."

It was also a special night for three Saratoga players who were all involved in what was without a doubt the most exciting play of the night.

Center Clark Rothenberg snapped the ball to quarterback J.J. Walters who lofted a 44-yard touchdown pass down the right sideline to wide receiver Grant Faylor.

At 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds, Rothenberg was dwarfed by the much bigger North offensive linemen: tackles Ryan Popolizio (6-foot-7, 292; St. Francis) and Jack Anderson (6-foot5, 270; Palo Alto) and guards Lynch, William Walke (6-foot, 260; Santa Clara) and Michael Saybe (5-foot-10, 220; Milpitas).

Defense was the name of the game for the North all-stars in the 39th annual Charlie Wedemeyer Classic played in the summer of 2013.

Linebackers Henry Wei (Saratoga), Jason Aguirre (Santa Clara), Dion Perry (Santa Clara), Corbin Jackson (Wilcox) and Brandon Sualua (Milpitas) helped hold down the South long enough for the North to build up 17-0 lead en route to a 17-6 victory.

It was a 6-yard TD toss from South quarterback Austin Richelle (Santa Teresa) to Pioneer's Dominic Barnes that broke up the shutout with just 10.6 seconds to go.

The North already had a comfortable lead thanks to a touchdown pass from Michael Lauck (St. Francis) to Roland Luke (Wilcox), a scoring strike from Spenser Quash (Harker) to De'Antay Williams (Palo Alto) and a field goal and two extra points by Michael Leitchman (Leigh).

"All of us North players knew what we had to do, since we hadn't won in a while," said Leigh's Lavon Donald after the North victory snapped a string of three South wins in the summer classic.

Pioneer's Barnes and Ethan Stanton and Tarik Ballard (San Jose) and Sione Aonga (Piedmont Hills) were defensive leaders for the South.

James Johnson didn�t expect to do any kicking in the 38th annual Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star Football Game.

Johnson had starred as a linebacker, fullback and place-kicker for the Willow Glen Rams during the 2011 season, but he figured to play only defense in the all-star game. The South coaches, though, had other plans. Johnson got the call, and his two field goals and two extra points proved the difference in the South�s 26-21 win over the North.

But Johnson certainly did more than just kick. He led the South defense with six tackles, including a quarterback sack.

The South held the North to just 37 yards on the ground. At the same time, the South offense�behind Willow Glen quarterback Mitch Ravizza�exploded for 332 yards of total offense and three touchdowns to go with Johnson�s two field goals.

Ravizza was the offensive leader for the South with 157 yards of total offense. He had six carries for 37 yards and hit on 14 of 17 passes for 120 yards, running for one touchdown and throwing for another. Jourdan Soares of Gilroy led all South receivers with seven catches for 81 yards and a TD. Johnny Beard of Piedmont Hills was the rushing leader with four carries for 80 yards, one of his carries going for a touchdown.

On the North side, Mike Butler of Mountain View completed 23 of 38 passes for 192 yards. Rodney McKenzie of Milpitas was Butler�s favorite target, pulling in eight passes for 96 yards.

The Bond brothers of Homestead were defensive leaders for the North. Shane finished among the team�s leaders with five tackles, and Tyler picked off a pass and ran it in for a touchdown to give the North its only lead of the night. Raymond Prado (Lincoln) was the North defensive leader with eight tackles.

Along with T. Bond, North touchdowns were scored by McKenzie and Troy Doles of Saratoga.

The football fell to the turf just a few inches out of the reach of the diving Greg Hori. It was a great effort by the Willow Glen wide receiver, but he had to think for a moment that his only chance at a reception in the 37th annual Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star Football Game had just eluded him. It hadn't. On the very next play, Hori made a leaping grab on the left sideline for a 27-yard gain, and the South was in business on one of its many offensive drives in a 24-13 victory over the North.

Passing was the story of the night for South quarterbacks and receivers, who combined for 21 receptions for 215 yards in the game. Jason Harms (Piedmont Hills) hooked up on 12 of 18 passes for 135 yards and two touchdowns and Zach Vaiana (Valley Christian) hit on 9 of 15 for 80 yards.

Wide receivers Bryan Fobbs (Valley Christian) and Juquelle Thompson (Piedmont Hills) were key figures offensively. Fobbs caught eight passes for 75 yards and Thompson grabbed five for 67. Benjamyn Tupuola (Overfelt) led the South ground attack with 37 yards on 13 carries.

On the defensive side, Jaamal Rose (Valley Christian), Eric Vegas (Gilroy) and Brandon Tirado (Santa Teresa) were leaders with five tackles each and Savelio Fa'asolo (Pioneer) and Richard Koerner (San Jose) had four apiece.

North quarterback Christoph Bono (Palo Alto) completed 14 of 17 passes for 138 yards and two TDs and Davante Adams (Palo Alto) had eight catches for 75 yards. Among the North tackling leaders were Ryan Blodgett (Homestead) and Joshua Jackson (Gunn) with four apiece.

"The Catch"
In the Bay Area, the phrase conjures up a single image: Dwight Clark leaping high in the end zone to pull down a Joe Montana pass to give the San Francisco 49ers a thrilling 28-27 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the 1982 National Football Conference championship game.

For fans at the 36th Annual Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star Football Game, though, it's not quite that simple. Because thinking about "The Catch" in the 2010 Wedemeyer game at Spartan Stadium doesn't leave fans with a single image - because there were two.

The first was a brilliant reception by Andrew Berg of Los Gatos that he turned into an 85-yard touchdown for the North, and the second was an equally impressive grab by Ryan Smith of Leland that set up the game-winning field goal for the South.

Smith, who caught five balls for 84 yards, had already caught a 17-yard touchdown pass from Piedmont Hills sensation Joshua McCain that had given the South a short-lived 17-14 lead late in the first half. Then late in the game, he was there for McCain again, dragging his toes on the sideline at the North 19-yard-line for a clutch 42-yard reception.

Which catch did he enjoy the most? "I wanted to say the touchdown catch because that put points on the board," said Smith moments after the south's 27-24 victory, "but that last one kind of sealed [the victory]. I got my toes down while focusing on catching the ball, and Josh just laid it in there."

Three plays after Smith's catch, Live Oak's Dylan Fechette kicked his second field goal of the night - this one a 35-yarder - and the South had a 27-24 lead with 4:32 left to play.

The South's defense then went to work, stopping the North on three plays and a punt to nail down the win. The key play in the final series was a combined quarterback sack by Dan Winter of Willow Glen and Tadro Labitad of Independence.

The South got ahead in a hurry, scoring on its first possession when McCain hit James Yoder (Valley Christian) with a 10-yard TD toss.

McCain was sensational for the South, whether running or passing. He consistently scrambled out of trouble and completed 14 of 20 passes for 163 yards and the two scores. In addition he had 10 carries for 26 yards and two catches for 13 yards and one TD - not bad numbers for any game, but especially an all-star game. Trevor Luescher (Santa Teresa) hit on 6 of 9 passes for 59 yards, including the 11-yard touchdown toss to McCain.

North quarterbacks Kyle Miller (St. Francis) and Tim Vanneman (Los Altos) were also impressive. Miller completed 10 of 15 tosses for 176 yards and Vanneman 2 of 5 for 100 - both hitting Berg with touchdown passes.

Berg had an exceptional night, pulling down six aerials for 219 yards and the two TDs. His first two grabs set the tone for the night.

After catching a 56-yard pass from Miller on the first play of the night, Berg's second catch was the 85-yarder for the score.

Josh Herrera (James Lick) led all south tacklers with nine stops and he recovered a fumble. Justin Sagote (Wilcox) was the defensive leader for the North with eight tackles.

Ethan cosgrove expected to get a few balls thrown his way in the 35th annual Silicon Valley Youth Classic Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star Football Game.

After all, his Leigh teammate Ryan Stillwell was one of the all-star quarterbacks, and their high school coach, Shawn Thomas, was heading up the North squad.

But 10 receptions? It wasn't exactly your typical all-star performance.

Then, it wasn't your typical all-star football game when the North and South battled to a high-scoring 28-28 tie at Spartan Stadium on July 15.

Each club showed up ready to launch an air attack, and by the time the game was through 54 passes had filled the air over the new Spartan turf field.

"We had planned to spread the ball around a lot," said Cosgrove moments after the game. "I thought I might get two or three, maybe four catches.

Stillwell had other things in mind for his favorite target from Leigh. The 6-foot-2, 190-pound passer had a brilliant night, completing 21 of 26 passes for 250 yards and a touchdown - talk about an atypical all-star performance!

Eight of those completions went to Cosgrove, but Stillwell and fellow quarterbacks Cory Murphy (Wilcox) and Will Brandin (Palo Alto) did manage to spread around to seven different receivers in the game. Each of the three North quarterbacks threw for a touchdown on the night.

Success through the air was limited to the North side, though. Jamie Jensen (Gilroy) hit on 8 of 14 tosses for 191 yards and three touchdowns and Kyle Cool (Branham) completed both of his throws for 50 yards and a touchdown. Still, while offense was the story of the night - the North finished with 432 total yards, the South with 305 - it was a clutch defensive play that virtually ended the night.

The North drove deep into South territory in the final minute and faced a fourth down at the 15-yard-line. Cosgrove got the call to attempt a 32-yard field goal, but Michael Santini (Leland) of the South side had other ideas.

The 6-foot-1, 205-pound linebacker shot through the North line to block the kick and preserve the tie for the South

"I expected to hit someone and drive them back, but a crease opened up," said Santini. "It was like a dream. I just saw the ball. Right when I saw the ball on the ground I thought, 'Was this really happening?'"

It was, and Santini's big play sealed the game's fate - it would end in a tie for just the third time in all-star history.

In athletics, winning is important - even in an all-star game.

So it was no surprise to see running back Marcos Garces visibly disappointed moments after his South team had lost a 24-21 heartbreaker to the North in the 33rd annual Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star Football Game.

And yet, the experience went deeper than winning and losing for the Willow Glen graduate. To participate in the game was significant to Garces ... to prove that he belonged there made it even better.

It was a night that Marcos Garces had been waiting for for a long time.

"I've come to this game for the past seven years," said Garces on the nearly vacated turf at Spartan Stadium not long after the contest had slipped into all-star history. "It's been my high school goal to play in this game. Two days after the season ended I started training for this night."

"With our team playing the 'C' division, I just tried to prove that I deserved to be here," he added.

He did that. He was the South's leading ball carrier, and he scored a first-quarter touchdown on a 7-yard run that gave the South a 13-7 lead.

Still, it wasn't enough for the South, and it certainly wasn't the only touchdown that "felt good."

David Martini of Los Gatos and Kendall Hendon of Prospect each caught TD passes that helped the North claim the all-star victory. The North snapped a string of four South victories with a tight 7-3 victory last year, then added a second straight win this summer thanks to a 45-yard field goal by Westmont's Kevin Blakley that broke a 21-21 tie with 8:59 left to play in the game.

Blakley's boot out of the hold of Tyler Dimich of Milpitas gave the North the lead, just as Dimich had earlier in the game when he picked off a screen pass and raced 62 yards for a touchdown.

Rich Scudellari took a "Chantz," and when he did, he hit the jackpot.

The Saint Francis quarterback's cross-field pass to Westmont's Chantz Staden with 1:19 left to play helped the North clinch a 7-3 victory over the South in the 32nd edition of the Silicon Valley Youth Classic Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star Football Game.

The touchdown in the final minute-plus of play created an exciting end to what had been a rather dull summer All-Star classic to that point. And it touched off a celebration on the North sidelines that carried over into the post-game festivities.

Scudellari may have taken a chance by throwing a pass back across the field, but it was no gamble. When he rolled right, then threw back to the left, he had all the confidence in the world that Staden would be there, and that he'd make the catch.

"I saw the front-side blitz coming, so I stepped back and rolled out," said Scudellari, who gave his teammates credit for his protection, but took no credit even though he stepped out of a would-be tackle to avoid the sack.

"I was looking across the field for Chantz," added the quarterback. "I knew he would be there. Chantz never quits."

Staden was there, along with a defender. The talented receiver made the catch, sidestepped the defender and danced into the end zone for the only touchdown of the night.

A 22-yard field goal by Ben Hansen of Valley Christian had given the South a 3-0 lead with 5:19 left in the first half.

Talk about the longest yard!

The South All Stars were facing one last July 20th with just over two minutes left to play in the 31st Annual Charlie Wedemeyer All Star Football Game, and Burt Reynolds was no where to be seen.

What's more there was no scriptwriter dreaming up a Hollywood ending for the high school all-star football game - only South Head Coach Mark Krail on the sidelines trying to dream up a play that would get his club into the end zone.

The South needed to get in, too. There was precious little time remaining, and the North held on to a tenuous 16-12 lead with the South facing a fourth and goal just a yard away from the goal line.

It was a tense moment for both teams as the game hung in the balance - for everyone, that is, except South center Pat Walsh. "There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to get in," said Walsh, a three-year varsity veteran from Pioneer. "We had a lot of heart out there."

And Krail must have had a lot of confidence in Walsh and the other members of that south offensive line, because he called on Piedmont Hills running back Steve Pinon to go over the middle. And that's just what he did. Pinon blasted over for that final yard - running behind Walsh and right guard Sammy Guerra of Oak Grove - to give the South an 18-16 lead with just 2:12 left to play.

Los Gatos quarterback Erik Rollin attempted to lead the North to a comeback, but Dytanion Eley of Gunderson picked off a pass with 20 seconds left in the game and the South ran out the clock for the victory.

All-star games are typically just a showcase. Great athletes will display the talents that made them great as individual players, but they don't always work well together as teams. And they are seldom good games.

But the All Star Game played last summer at San Jose City College was the exception.

The 30th Annual Silicon Valley Youth Classic Charlie Wedemeyer High School All Star Football Game had it all - the great players, drama and a thrilling climax. And when a final North pass fell incomplete in the end zone on the last play of the night, no one wanted it to end. No one, that is, except the South Squad that pulled out a 20-15 win.

The game was dedicated to the late Pat Tillman, who represented Leland in the 1994 All Star Game, went on to star at Arizona State University and with the Arizona Cardinals before giving it all up to join the elite Army Rangers. He was killed in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004. The game last summer was dedicated in his memory, and his No. 42 jersey was retired and presented to his father, Pat Tillman, Sr.

The game went right down to the final play when Hasani Houston of Piedmont Hills knocked down a pass in the end zone and the South clinched the win.

It was an uneventful game for Willow Glen's Doug Dionne. Sure, he'd made a couple of tackles on special teams, but otherwise there was nothing statistically to set his performance apart from anyone else's in the 29th Annual Silicon Valley Youth Classic Charlie Wedemeyer High School All-Star Football Game last summer at San Jose City College. At least, not until the second-to-the last play of the night. That's when Doug Dionne took his place in All Star Game History.

The North trailed 27-25 but was driving toward possible victory in the final moments of play. On third and six from the South 19, Mountain View's Sean Manson dropped back to pass. His tight spiral was hauled in at the 7-yard-line - by Dionne. The interception came with just 5.8 seconds left to play in the game and helped the South clinch the thrilling two-point victory.

"This is the best feeling in the world!" said Dionne moments after making the game-winning catch. "Right before the play, [cornerback] T. J. Monroe said to watch the tight end. The quarterback looked left, then he threw it."

The rest, as they say, is history. And Dionne found his place in that history with the interception that sealed the South win.

Oregon-bound wide receiver Phil Ghilarducci of Gunn was the receiving star of the game with 10 catches for 186 yards for the North. Alex Rollin of Los Gatos, now a pitcher for the baseball team at UC Berkeley, hooked up on 6 of 12 passes for 115 yards. Mountain View's Sean Manson completed 11 of 18 passes for 135 yards.

Tony Barba was making memories for a lifetime. The 275-pound defensive lineman from Prospect was a member of the North squad in the 28th Annual Silicon Valley Youth Classic Charlie Wedemeyer High School All-Star Football Game last summer at San Jose City College. And it was an experience the recently graduated senior will not soon forget.

"It's a privilege just knowing that your're picked by someone to go out and play," said Barba, who has a quarterback sack among his game-high seven tackles in the North's 19-15 loss to the South. "I feel a little down because of the loss, but it was just great to play," he added. "This will be one of my grandpa stories."

Barba wasn't alone. "It was a very special experience," said linebacker Ryan Schaefers, Barba's teammate for the North squad and at Prospect. "I'll remember this the rest of my life."

And those were sentiments expressed by players from the losing club. Playing for the winning side in the Almaden Rotary Club sponsored game made the experience even that much more special. "It was everything I hoped it would be," said Pioneer's James Dunne, an offensive guard for the winning South team. "It was good to go out of high school with a win."

It was a win that didn't come easy for the South. The North scored first with a Los Gatos connection when Trent Edwards (now at Stanford) tossed to Chris Willard, and the North went up again when Edwards followed center Eli Ledesma of Milpitas over from the one on a quarterback sneak. But Tyler Silva (Lincoln) found Christopher Gengl (Valley Christian) alone in the end zone for a 10-yard TD toss with 12.9 seconds left in the half to put the South on top 19-15.

There are no "Most Valuable Players" selected in the Annual Silicon Valley Youth Classic Charlie Wedemeyer High School All Star Football Game. But if there were, Monta Vista's Justin Douglas certainly would have been walking home with the trophy last summer.

Douglas intercepted two passes that set up touchdowns, forced a fumble that set up a third TD and made a couple of key tackles. His performance sparked the North to an impressive 24-17 win over the South in the 27th Annual Wedemeyer Classic played last July at Independence High School in east San Jose.

The North opened up a 24-3 lead then held off the South comeback in what was arguably the most competitive summer high school all star game in 10 years. The North squad certainly showed off its talent - much of it coming from Douglas, Nick Skrabe of Los Gatos, and the rest of the North defensive squad. The defense gave North quarterback Jason Campbell and his offense a short field with five turnovers, four of them setting up scoring opportunities for the North.

It was the first of two interceptions by Douglas that set up the North's first touchdown, a 16-yard pass from Campbell to Paul Garces of Santa Clara. Dustin Steward of Gunn and Michael Collins of Milpitas each ran for touchdowns for the North.

Jason Harrison of Gunderson finished with one of the biggest nights in All Star history with 114 yards rushing on 10 carries, and he and Freddy Ramos of Santa Teresa each ran for touchdowns for the South.

The South had a great opportunity for a game-tying touchdown in the final second when Harrison runs of 21 and 32 yards, took the Rebels to the North 23 inside the final minute. But a pass was dropped in the end zone, and three more passes fell incomplete as the game ended.

There's never been much love lost between the football teams at Willow Glen and Pioneer. The two schools enjoy a football rivalry that dates back to their early beginnings in the old Santa Teresa Athletic League.

But when Willow Glen quarterback David Macchi found Pioneer back Mike Wiens open in the right flat, there was no time to think about past rivalries. Macchi simply zipped a pass to Wiens, and the Pioneer back powered his way into the end zone for the touchdown that started the South on its way to a 16-8 victory over the North in the 26th Annual Silicon Valley Youth Classic Wedemeyer High School All Star Football Game. TD tosses from Macchi to Wiens and from Julian Jimenez of Andrew Hill to G.B. Wilson of Oak Grove sparked the South Stars to the win that gave them a 13-11-2 edge in the 26-year all-star series.

"We wanted to score first," said Macchi. "We wanted to shut them down, then score first." And that's just what the South All-Stars did. The defense stopped the North twice, then the offense pushed in a touchdown on its second possession of the night. The touchdown started the South on the road to victory. Macchi led the South offense by hooking up on 8 of 11 passes for 71 yards and the one touchdown. Jimenez completed 4 of 9 tosses for 37 yards in the win.

Andy Heiser of Santa Clara starred for the North offense, hitting on 6 of 11 passes for 65 yards and carrying nine times for 27 yards, including a 7-yard touchdown run.

Bellarmine's Kyle Pilgeram's block helped the South to a 20-3 victory over the North in the 25th Annual Charlie Wedemeyer All Star Football Game.

"I was on a crossing pattern over the middle," said Pilgeram, describing his bone-crushing block that helped spring Larry Morris of Overfelt for a 39-yard touchdown run. "I saw the guy coming across the field, then he looked back at the runner. That's when I knew I had him." As soon as Pilgeram leveled the North linebacker, Morris turned the corner to go 39 yards for the touchdown that all but wrapped up the victory for the South.

But that certainly wasn't the only big play of the night for the South. Just a possession earlier, the south had scored on a double-pass with Willow Glen's John Fernandez on the receiving end of the TD toss. The South offense out-gained the North 200-160 in total yards on the night. And while the North managed to move the football, it couldn't punch the ball into the end zone.

A bend-but-never-break defense led by Grant Murdock (Pioneer), Cory Hare (Willow Glen), Val Sauao (Overfelt) and A.J. Lee (Gilroy) kept the North on its own side of the 50 most of the night.

Murdock got in on nine tackles to finish as the game leader and Hare, Sauao and Lee were in on seven each for the South. Jeremy Jones (Bellarmine) led the ground show with 65 yards on 11 carries, and Morris finished with 42 yards on two tries. Jones had a 40-yard run in the fourth quarter that set up Morris for his 39-yard TD dash.

Jon Barragan (Oak Grove) completed two passes in five tries for 19 yards, going to his high school teammate Lee Robinson (Oak Grove) for both of them. But the big completion for the South came when Barragan flipped to Kenan Smith (Gunderson), who then found Fernandez for the 33-yard touchdown pass.

Quarterbacks Freddie Lewis, Jr. (Mitty) and Joe Ginanni (Palo Alto) threw for a combined 125 yards for the North. Lewis hit on eight of 12 passes for 86 yards and Ginanni completed six of 10 for 39 yards.

Defensive stars for the North included Jeff Roper, Darius Crowther (Del Mar), Brian Laatsch (Monta Vista), Chris Cavanagh (Los Gatos), Cedrick Dawson (Milpitas) and Adam Labare (Leigh).

Mike Black of Saratoga tossed a nine-yard touchdown pass to Kiijuan Fuselier of Leigh for the only North TD of the night in a 9-7 win over the South. Bryan Beall of St. Francis ended up drilling a 37-yard field goal with 7:20 left in the game to give the North the 9-7 lead.

Fuselier led the ground attack with 63 yards on 11 carries, and Black completed seven of 10 passes for 53 yards and the one touchdown. Padia had one completion in seven tries.

An interception by Norm Amituanai of Ovefelt set up the South's only touchdown of the night, a four-yard TD toss from Jorge Nevarez of Independence to Adam Herzing of Leland.

Hard-hitting linebacker Chad Purcell of Monta Vista helped hold the South running backs to just 60 yards rushing in a 27-19 victory for the North. The North offense ground out 258 yards on the ground on the road to victory. Running Back Charles Tharp of St. Francis led all ground gainers with 163 yards on 16 carries.

Milo Lewis of Mountain View ran back the second half kickoff 97 yards for a North touchdown. Tony Elam of Homestead scored two TDs and T.C. Everett of Wilcox ran for one.

Rossi Martin of Oak Grove also returned a kickoff 97 yards for a TD, and Matthew Sonnick of Live Oak and Lemuel Adams tossed touchdown passes to Shawn Green of Independence and Chris Lacy of Oak Grove, respectively, to account for all of the South scoring.

The North took a five-game win streak into the 1996 game, but the South snapped the string with a 28-14 victory.

Jason Sinatra of Silver Creek carried 13 times for 108 yards and two touchdowns to lead the South to the victory. Quarterback Tony Tognetti of Gilroy completed 6-of-8 passes for 98 yards and one touchdown, a 27-yard TD toss to Matt Chmelka of Valley Christian. Tognetti also scored a touchdown in the win.

Miguel Valdillez of Mitty and Errol Johnson of Palo Alto scored the touchdowns for the North in the game. Johnson's TD came on a 98-yard kickoff return.

The North made it five straight with a lopsided 21-0 victory over the South. The Yanks scored two touchdowns in the first half to lead 14-0 at intermission, then added an insurance score in the fourth period.

Mike Jenkins of Monta Vista and Nick Pavlovich of St. Francis were the offensive stars for the Northerners, and Matt Martin of Mountain View and Matt Scharrenberg of St. Francis starred defensively. Jenkins carried 10 times for 85 yards and a touchdown, and Pavlovich hooked up on 4-of-8 passes for 50 yards and a 17-yard touchdown pass to Karriem Adams of Wilcox. Gus Farwell of Los Gatos hit Rene Bard of Cupertino for 13 yards and a final North touchdown. Martin led all Yankee tacklers with eight spots, including three quarterback sacks. Scharrenberg picked off a pair of Rebel passes.

The South had its defensive stars too, though. Jeff Ulbrich of Live Oak was in on 11 tackles to finish as the game leader. Edgar Alcala of Pioneer and Bryan Yeager of Oak Grove were other tackling leaders for the South. Ulbrich went on to star at University of Hawaii and is currently a linebacker with the SF 49ers.

Erwin Reyes of Prospect rambled for 102 yards on just seven carries and scored a couple of touchdowns to help the North continue its dominance in the summer classic. Reyes led the North to a 26-9 victory, the fourth straight win for the Yankees.

Quarterback Mikey Smith of Palo Alto broke a scoreless tie midway through the second period with a 47-yard touchdown run, but Scott Matsuura of Leland tied it before the half with a 6-yard TD blast.

The South took a 9-6 lead on a 48-yard field goal by Michael Nedney of Santa Teresa, but then Reyes went to work. He scored on a 69-yard run, then scored from four yards out following an interception by teammate Jim Lombardi of Los Gatos.

The North clinched the win with one final touchdown. Tom Rodriguez of Mitty hit the quarterback to force a bad pass that Chad Nelson of Los Gatos picked off to set up a 4-yard TD run by Kwanzah Gomez of Wilcox.

Pat Tillman of Leland, a talented linebacker for the South, went on to star at Arizona State and play in the secondary for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL, but left professional football to join the military.

The North made it three straight with a dominating performance in the '93 battle.

Quarterbacks Bill Hagman of Saratoga and R.J. Hackett of St. Francis combined to complete 16-of-29 passes for 243 yards and four touchdowns in this one-sided North victory.

Wilcox speedster Shon Lewis took off on a 27-yard touchdown run and hauled in a 45-yard TD toss from Hagman to join in the offensive heroics for the North, who opened up a 36-0 lead that stood until the final two minutes of play.

Only a short touchdown blast by Jack Beloney of Oak Grove with 1:26 left to play kept the South from getting blanked on this July night. The Los Gatos duo of Mark Cox and Ryan Marcos joined with Leigh's Tom Stone to spark a North defense that held the South to negative rushing yardage in the game.

Dominic Pucci of St. Francis kicked a field goal with 32 seconds remaining to break a 7-7 tie and lift the North to a second straight victory. Earlier in the game, John Cerda of Leigh had scored a touchdown for the North and Mike Morales of Gunderson had tied the score with a TD for the South.

Joe Cattolico starred at quarterback for the North - playing for his father, Butch Cattolico of Los Gatos. The Leigh QB hooked up on 9-of-15 passes for 141 yards. Joe went on to play football at Princeton, and Butch Cattolico went on to coach the North team in the prestigious North-South Shrine Game a week after coaching in the County All-Star game. Joe is currently the head football coach at Independence.

The South hadn't lost in eight straight years heading into the summer classic of 1991, so Butch Cattolico and his North squad had something to prove that summer. And prove it they did.

Trevor Wilson of Los Gatos hauled in a 65-yard scoring toss from Jeremy Jordan of Los Altos with less than three minutes remaining to bring the North from a 22-21 deficit to a 27-22 victory.

The South continued its dominance of the game for another year, pounding the North 43-3. Quarterbacks Jason Tyrus of Milpitas and Ryan Hancock of Monta Vista led the North team to the victory, but then went off in different directions as athletes at the collegiate level.

Hancock went on to continue his career as a quarterback at Brigham Young University, but switched his attention to baseball at BYU. He became a starting pitcher for the California Angels.

Tyrus took his talents to the basketball floor where he helped West Valley College to a conference title and into the State Championship Game.

In the 1992 All-Star game, Butch and Joe Cattolico made up the father-son tandem of coach and quarterback. But in 1989 it was Lee and Brent Evans of Oak Grove.

Lee Evans, who went on to become the head coach at Oak Grove High School and is a veteran of many seasons as a coach in the area, was a member of the South coaching staff that season. His son, Brent, who had starred for the Eagles that fall, was a quarterback for the South team that turned back the North 22-6. Evans hooked up on 12-of-15 passes for 162 yards and two touchdowns in the win.

Ed Buller, the head coach at Oak Grove who had played in the Classic in 1975 after starring for Leland, was the co-head coach for the South team along with Pioneer�s Dan Lloyd.

Lloyd was a star locally at James Lick and had an outstanding career at the University of Washington before going on to play for the New York Giants. He is now a member of the coaching staff at Leland.

The 1988 game sent two stars on to later glory.

Jeff Garcia of Gilroy was a defensive back on the south squad who went on to greatness at San Jose State University and later with the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League. He was named the most valuable player in the Grey Cup championship after leading the Stampeders to a victory. Garcia went on to play quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

Joe Farwell of Los Gatos High School starred for the North squad in the '88 classic and, after redshirting a year, was a sensational four-year starter as a linebacker at the University of Oregon.

The North and South teams played to a scoreless tie in the '88 game.

There was no winner in the battle of 1987. For the first time in the 13-year history of the summer classic, the North and South battled to a 14-14 draw.

Probably one of the greatest players the area has produced participated in the All-Star game in 1986.

Tim Ryan of Oak Grove was a hard-hitting noseguard for the South that year, and he went on to collegiate greatness at USC. Ryan starred in the defensive line for the Trojans in the Rose Bowl and later joined the Chicago Bears.

One player from the '85 All-Star game turned pro a couple of years later, but as a baseball player.

Todd Mayo, a great running back for Los Gatos, turned his attention to baseball at Cal and was a good enough outfielder to attract the attention of the Montreal Expos, who signed him to a professional contract.

Paul Marcy of Homestead was a tough fullback for the North that year and went on to stardom as a running back at Santa Clara University.

Two players in the '84 game went on to star in the Pac-10... but in different sports.

Eric Volta of Santa Clara joined the defensive line at Stanford to continue his football career, but Bill Haselman of Saratoga bypassed college football at UCLA to concentrate on a successful career in baseball. It turned out to be a smart move for Haselman, who went on to play for the Boston Red Sox and the Texas Rangers.

Randy Kirk of Bellarmine and Greg Calcagno of St. Francis topped a talented field in the summer classic of '83.

Kirk doubled as a tight end and defensive tackle on the South squad that year. He has since gone on to greater glory. He went on to play for the San Francisco 49ers, starting as the squad's long snapper.

Calcagno was the quarterback for the North team and went on to stardom at Santa Clara University. Calcagno was a three-year starter for the Broncos, rewriting the Santa Clara record books.

The South pulled out a tight 10-7 win in '83 and wouldn't lose again until '91. During that eight-year span, the South won six games and tied two.

Erik Howard of Bellarmine was a big, tough lineman for the North squad that year, and he proved big enough and tough enough to play his way into the NFL. Howard went on to play for the New York Giants as a nosetackle, playing for them in their 1987 Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos.

Tim Peoples of Silver Creek was a member of the South team that year and went on to play for the University of Washington in the Pac-10.

The North won this game 24-6, but it would be the last North victory until 1991.

Santa Clara University reaped the benefits of the talents of the players in the '81 game with no less than six players going on to become Broncos.

One of them, John Faylor of Mitty, would keep the game's NFL connection alive. Faylor, an outstanding defensive back at Santa Clara, signed with the 49ers after his collegiate career and played a season with San Francisco.

Joining Faylor at Santa Clara after the '81 All-Star game were Jim Cranston of Leland, Steve Cisowski of Westmont, Todd Dal Porto of Homestead, Tom Havens of Los Gatos and Kevin Tanner of Saratoga. All six were starters for the Broncos.

Jacque Robinson of San Jose High was a standout running back for the South team that year who went on to the University of Washington. He played in the Rose Bowl as a freshman, and was named the game's most valuable player.

Kurt Heinrich of Saratoga, whose brothers Kyle and Mike had played in the game before him, was a wide receiver for the North and went on to stardom at the University of the Pacific.

Another Falcon, quarterback Rick Worman, played at Nevada-Reno and went on to play in the Canadian Football League.

John Hendy of Wilcox played for the North team in the summer clasic and went on to play in the secondary for Long Beach State.

But the biggest star of them all in the '81 Classic went on to greatness in another sport. Ken Caminiti of Leigh, a fine defensive back for the South, went on to become the starting third baseman for the Houston Astros and later at third for the San Diego Padres. Caminiti was named to the National League All-Star team in 1982.

It was a coach, not a player, who went on from the All-Star Classic to the NFL in 1980.

Mike Holmgren of Oak Grove was a member of the South coaching staff in '80, and he was the head coach for the Green Bay Packers, and is now with the Seattle Seahawks. Holmgren, who played at USC and for the St. Louis Cardinals, served as the offensive coordinator at Brigham Young University and with the San Francisco 49ers before taking the job with the Pack.

Ben Bennett and Rich Martig were players in that game who would get a taste of football in the professional ranks.

Bennett of Peterson went on to star for Duke for four seasons and played in both the NFL and the USFL. He went on to play Arena Football and was named the league's most valuable player.

Martig of Bellarmine was an outstanding football and baseball player at Santa Clara University, earning Little All-American honors as a Bronco football player. He signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

Marty Mornhinweg, the great quarterback for Oak Grove, went on to an outstanding collegiate career at Montana after playing in the '80 All-Star game. He would return as a South coach in 1983 and is now a coach for the San Francisco 49ers.

Two North players went on to become professional athletes, but as baseball players. Kent Cooper of Los Gatos and Lindsay Meggs of Saratoga would sign professional baseball contracts and play in the minor leagues.

The memory of John Tuggle's performance in the 1979 clash was one we look on with happiness and tears.

Tuggle, a star running back from Independence High School, was a sensation for the South in '79 and went on to star at Cal. He was the last player selected in the NFL draft after his senior season with the Golden Bears, but through hard work and perseverance won a spot with the New York Giants, starting on their special teams.

Tuggle, though, was a victim of cancer, a disease that ultimately claimed his life. Tuggle was one of two South players in '79 who went on to play professional football. George Achica of Andrew Hill played for USC in the 1980 Rose Bowl, and eventually played for the Los Angeles Express in the now-defunct United States Football League.

Four other players from the '79 game went on to collegiate stardom - Dennis Engel of Santa Clara at Cal, Steve Aimonetti of Campbell at Stanford, Mike Shiner of Fremont at Notre Dame and Dan Craig of Oak Grove at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo.

The tradition of all-stars moving on to the NFL continued in 1978. Carl Monroe was a great running back at Overfelt High School, and he brought his talents to the field in the summer of '78. Monroe would ultimately play for the San Francisco 49ers, scoring a touchdown for the Niners in their 1985 Super Bowl win over Miami. Monroe passed away in 1987, and his untimely death has left us with only memories of his greatness.

Another member of the South team that year, Greg Woodard of Silver Creek, would go on to play in the Canadian Football League, and Mark Stewart of Camden was a tight end for two Rose Bowl teams at the University of Washington.

The connection between the All-Star game and the NFL continued in 1977... thanks to Rich Campbell of Santa Teresa High School.

One of the area's greatest ever pure passers, Campbell was lofting his aerial attack for the South in '77 and went on to star at Cal before signing with the Green Bay Packers.

Two of his teammates also went on to stardom as collegians. Pat Graham of Leland was Campbell's teammate at Cal, and outstanding running back Kyle Stevens of Yerba Buena went on to play for two Rose Bowl teams at the University of Washington.

Jeff Toews of Del Mar, whose older brother Loren was already a starting linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, played for the South team in 1975 and later wound up in the offensive line for the Miami Dolphins.

Toews played in Super Bowl XIX for the Dolphins back in 1985 against the San Francisco 49ers after an outstanding collegiate career at the University of Washington. Toews was a member of the Washington Rose Bowl team in 1978.

Kyle Heinrich of Saratoga was another member of that Rose Bowl team in Washington, and he played for the North in the All-Star game of �75.

Paul Jones of Mitty went on to star at the University of California at Berkeley after the '75 All-Star game and Howard Meyer of Branham went on to play for Notre Dame.

Top-notch quarterback Larry Worman of Saratoga went on to have a good enough collegiate career at the University of Nevada-Reno that he was signed as a free agent by the 49ers.

A talented wide receiver for the South squad in the 1975 game went on to become one of the area's top high school football coaches. Ed Buller of Leland played in the game in '75 and returned as a co-head coach for the South in 1984 and '89 after leading the football team at Oak Grove High School to greatness.

Doug Cosbie and Don Schwartz were two stars of '74 who went on to further greatness on the football field.

Cosbie, a tight end from St. Francis, would go on to star at Santa Clara University before becoming an outstanding tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. Cosbie was an All-Pro in Dallas and played for the Cowboys in the NFC championship game.

Schwartz, a defensive back from Mitty, was Cosbie's North teammate in the All-Star game of '74. He went on to play for both the St. Louis Cardinals and New Orleans Saints in the NFL.

But as good as the two players were, they couldn't lead the North to victory in the first game. The South had speed on its side.

A wide receiver from Silver Creek High School showed off his blazing speed when he returned a kick-off 94 yards for a touchdown to help the South to a 48-36 win over the North in that high-scoring affair.

Two years later, that wide receiver was in Montreal, Canada, for the Olympic Games and Millard Hampton was running to a gold medal as a member of the United States' 400-meter relay team. Hampton also won a silver medal in the 200-meters in Montreal.

And the list goes on.

Three players in that 1974 games went on to star as collegiate football players and wound up playing in the Rose Bowl.

Otis Page of Saratoga was a tackle for three victorious Rose Bowl teams at the University of Southern California and his North teammate, Pete Pele of Mitty, played for UCLA in its 23-10 Rose Bowl win over Ohio State in 1976.

Steve Bauer of Los Gatos was a star linebacker for the South team in '74 and went on to the University of Washington where he played for the Huskies in the 1978 Rose Bowl. Bauer, who later joined the coaching staff at Los Gatos High School, is one of a handful of players to return to coach the North-South All-Star game, assisting on the North staff in both 1985 and '87.

Gary Lynn of Los Gatos, who scored three touchdowns for the South team in that first game, went on to start at tailback at Stanford University.

Rick Foley of Leigh was another player from the '74 game to enjoy stardom in the collegiate ranks, but on the baseball diamond. Foley played both football and baseball at Santa Clara University, but really shined on the pitcher's mound for the Broncos where he earned all-conference honors for two straight seasons. He went on to play professional baseball and was recently named to the Santa Clara University Hall of Fame.

Dick Sparrer is the managing editor of five weekly supplements to the Contra Costa Times. He also writes sports for the Los Gatos Weekly Times, Saratoga News, Cupertino Courier, Sunnyvale Sun and Willow Glen Resident.